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Blockchain course emphasizes the usage of blockchain technology in applications like crypto currency, Ethereum, bitcoin, Hyperledger etc.

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Blockchain Overview:

Retors Lernen Labs provides real time online training on Blockchain technology by the most experienced industry experts. This course emphasizes the usage of blockchain technology in applications like crypto currency, Ethereum, bitcoin, Hyperledger etc. This will enable the participants to set up their own private Blockchain network with at most practical and real time scenarios. This also enables them to deploy the smart contracts using blockchain technology.

Blockchain along with Distributed Ledger Technology can be implemented across various industries like Supply chain management, surveys, Banking and Financial services and many other allied domains. Many Organizations have already decided, and some started exploring the opportunity of implementing the blockchain in their domains. The Online training in Block chain focuses the implementation of this technology across the industries so that the participants can relate it to the Real-World Scenarios.

This is indeed a disruptive technology that will empower the existing Business houses in effectively networking with their partners in the value chain. The networks thus formed out of this will collaborate and exchange goods and services for the creation of Wealth. This technology will remove the mediators so that the scope of tampering the information is negligible resulting in a risk free and trusted business environment.

Why Blockchain:

 Blockchain is the most sought out technology learning across the Globe because of its umpteen potential to disrupt the way the conduct of Business with its impeccable and powerful frame work that always secures all the applications. Many companies are now worried about the security and vulnerability threats that their Business is exposed to and Block chain is going to address these issues with its framework and the innovation in the Business model implementation.

The resource availability in Blockchain is presently scarce and this itself is a great opportunity that the participants can create a niche for their careers and this eventually open the doors for high paying jobs in the technology market. The community of Hyperledger association will itself be a great career move the participants will be making. This robust technology created a World of opportunities and it is in the hands of the participants to explore this potential to the fullest.

Blockchain will enable and transform various domains in few of the names like supply chain and logistics, travel, BFSI, insurance, Government, surveys and healthcare sectors. There is a great scope for professionals who are skilled in this technology to work on the latest concepts like bitcoin, Ethereum and other related platforms.

Eligibility for taking up this course:

 Blockchain being the latest disruptive technology and the excitement it created within the Business circles in various domains, the opportunities in the market are numerous.

With the demand that has in the Market, almost everyone can be a part of this Movement. The participants can be any of the following but not limited to the below:

  • Resources from any software development background.
  • Architects who are working on various platforms.
  • Business Analysts working on various domains.
  • Quality analysts who have expertise in validating various applications.
  • Devops engineers who wants to explore the opportunities in deploying smart contracts using blockchain technology.


 The following are the prerequisites for the resources who want to learn Block chain technology:

  • Basics of Blockchain technology.
  • Previous development experience on any platform.
  • Fundamentals on HTML, CSS and Jscript.
  • A minimum work experience spanning across two software tools end to end.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Blockchain technology implementation in various domains.
  • Project based learning on Block Chain technology.
  • Usage of Ethereum in building robust applications.
  • Working and deploying Smart contracts.
  • Delineate the concepts of Hyperledger Fabric Technology and come up with Business Network application.
  • Concept of Crypto currency and mining.

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