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Entering into the field of business analysis one can achieve and implement skills in various fields, many successful positions.

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Overview of business analysis:

Retors Lernen Labs provide the full spectrum of services for students to help organizations work better using latest updated tools and applications waving in IT. We create standards of excellence in training for people to work in more effective ways in their organizations.

The term BA means business analysis is research of knowing business needs means identifying the requirements of business domain and finding out solutions for the problems investigated in the business. It also helps in investigating the effects of the solutions achieved on business. These solutions are nothing but software systems which consist of process improvement, change in organizations etc. The person who works and does research on the entire business system and frames a strategic solutions for the business needs is called a BUSINESS ANALYST.

It is a time consuming research implemented in big companies which deals with stakeholders when problem is identified for solution.

Business analysis prerequisites are below

  • Basic knowledge on project modules
  • Domain knowledge
  • excellent written and oral communication skills
  • organizational skills
  • requirement gathering
  • knowledge on testing
  • databases , network knowledge
  • process modelling

Why business analyst?

Today we come across many problems in companies specially in big firms which require a professional way of dealing with it which must be process oriented and structured one thus emerges BUSINESS ANALYSIS. The domains for example banking, insurance, it firms, travel, Finance, healthcare every field involves business analysis techniques. So learning this research helps us to implement in any of their own fields as mentioned above.

Many organizations of any field run many applications in their databases which in turn are maintained in data ware houses so an interface is required between business and organization to solve the problems or needs based on the requirement of business thus business analysis plays a key role and is successful position in terms of budget and time management regarding their own organization.

Entering into the field of business analysis one can achieve and implement skills in various fields and step up the ladder with many successful positions right from entry level to IT business analysis and next to lead BA position and finally as the consultant. One can opt for different roles in BA depending on their skills possessed by them like junior business analyst for entry level profiles, BA manager role can be applied those who are interested in managing people and relationship manager position can be opted by people who have excellent communication skills and when dealt with higher positions one can opt for project manager or BA architect positions. This is just a sample of discussion to show how diversified and challenging path BA have for those who are passionate about their careers irrespective of their present domain.

Institute of International Business Analysis (IIBA) Certified Professional Business Analysis

  • Level 1 – Business Analysis Certificate in Entry-level
  • Level 2 – Business Analysis Capability in Certification
  • Level 3 – Certified Professional Business Analysis
  • Level 4 – Thought Leader Business Analysis Certified

Eligibility for taking up Business Analyst Course course:

Students who complete graduation can start their career as entry level in BA .one should have exceptionally good communication skills, problem solving skills right from entry level. Obviously experienced person in the same field can enter into second or higher level of BA career path. Students /professional graduates who want to have a challenging position and job can choose BA as part of their career must take training before opting or shifting there career into BA PATH which helps them a lot for future projects and one who already started their career in BA can also opt for online training in our institute for job as well as project support which is provided in your flexible timing.

  • Graduates having IT experience
  • Non IT graduates with experience
  • Any professional but should have minimum of graduation qualification and experience.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to analyse the problem or needs of business
  • Techniques that are implemented in identifying the solution like
  • Brain storming, process mapping, surveys etc.
  • How to deal with stakeholders :
  • Here we learn how to deal with the stakeholders after identifying solution or business needs.
  • How to identify requirements: It includes documentation, analysis and discussing with the team as well.
  • communication with stakeholders
  • Testing etc.


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