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In this process first you import data which is raw into R and it called tidy data which means storing data into the frame which matches the data semantics.

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Overview of R:

Retors introduces an interesting and a vast subject that is learning R programming in data science. Data science is a study which allows you to turn raw data into understanding level of knowledge. R with data science helps you to learn the tools of R that allow you to do data science. In this process first you import data which is raw into R and it called tidy data which means storing data into the frame which matches the data semantics. Now this data is transformed means we create new variables on existing functions which is called wrangling. After this step visualization is done on the data which is manual. Last step in data science is communication where you need to discuss the changed format of data after performing various functions with others. R implements many statistical and graphical techniques like linear and nonlinear modelling, time analysis, classification and clustering of data and others. Many standard functions are written in R itself. C, C++, java, python are used widely to interact with R objects directly.

R is an interpreted language which means it follows command line interpreter for example if any user gives command 3+3 it generates the output 6 automatically. R‘s data structures include vectors, matrices, arrays and links. R uses S expressions for data and code. Its variables are lexical and typed dynamically. It is important for datascience as you can run your own code without any compiler that makes code easier. It is very powerful and faster language because it can run many functions in a single vector without any loop. It performs any type of task like it is implemented in genetics as well as in statistics.

Why r?

The market of data scientists and analysts are increasing widely with great career and opportunities. By learning this course you can accept challenging tasks and can become tough programmers specially. Data science is vast subject which is used in many companies so creating chances for data scientists and by implementing R programming in data science companies can attain a great profit in times of money and time as well. It is very convenient software which is utilised in many fields like finance, banking, healthcare, retail, marketing etc. Where it is helpful to study the data, profits over years. Data science is finding the way for many business to learn about their data using easy language which is compatible and flexible like R programming.

Apart from this companies in market even web world kings like google, Facebook, LinkedIn are using this language to build statistical reports. In data mining data scientists used to extract data from data sets which are very complex and large. Even ford use this language for analysing the data feedback about their car designs given by the users.It is implemented in machine language for predictive analysis, decision trees and other components. It is free to download for commercial applications where you can see the source directly. It ranked 5th position compared with all other languages in the market.

Eligibility of taking up this course:

As there is an increasing demand for talented data scientists across all industries, one must learn this course to become highly professional data scientist and r programmer. It is recommended for the following professionals

  • IT professionals looking for a career change into data science and analytics
  • Software developers looking for a career into data science and analytics
  • Professionals working in data and business analytics
  • Any graduate looking to build a career in analytics and data science
  • Anyone who has interest in the data science field
  • Business analysts.


There are few prerequisites to learn R programming for the professionals

  • Basics of bigdata
  • Basic knowledge in python, regressions
  • Basic knowledge in c,c++, java
  • Knowledge in vectors, matrices, arrays and links.

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