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Retors introduces software which does development and operations in an organization that is Devops. It is a collaboration between development and operations.

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Overview of Devops:

Retors introduces software which does development and operations in an organization that is Devops. It is a collaboration between development and operations. It helps the organizations to speed up the deliveries of applications and services as any project first comes the designing, building phase and next comes testing and deployment activities. These activities were performed in single and separate process which took lots of time for product delivery which in result leads to the decrease of companies’ performance. It improved the visibility of infrastructure requirement compared to traditional way. Data accuracy has increased in datacentres, storage areas of data. APM tools means advance programming monitoring tools are used by operations team over developers so the operations team is completely aware of the performance done by them so that they jointly develop a plan satisfying the requirements of the business needs.

The lifecycle of Devops has many stages like development where in this stage entire data is divided into small development cycles so that it is easy to perform operations. Next the code generated is tested by the team by using selenium. Then integration of new functions is done and again it undergoes testing to fix the bugs quickly. In deployment phase changes made to the new designed code impact is checked to be lower on the existing websites. In monitoring phase the last one the production is checked and fixes the bugs if any. In this way the process of Devops happen in organizations.

In every phase of the Devops lifecycle the process is done continuously so that it helps in gaining advantages like parallel processing and execution of the project which helps in delivering the product or business needs in time.

Why devops?

The organisations or companies working globally are handling many multiple projects which require a software developed to increase the speed and accuracy of the product delivered as per the business needs so Devops these days is in high demand globally as it plays a vital role in developing software. It is implemented in many domains like banking sector where they recruit developers for maintaining their customer records track their personal baking transactions. In media this software is widely used for uploading their personal data like uploading photos so here we require developers for designing, deploying the back end process. In medical field this is planned to implement harmful drug interactions by loading this applications in mobiles of doctors so just by scanning the prescription they can detect the drugs harmful for their patients.

This software is used for devolving many useful applications that are widely used in our daily interacted fields like medical, banks as discussed above. The role of Devops engineer is in a great demand in the market who has many responsibilities to play like troubleshooting in any platform, improve the quality of the product by reducing the cost of the requirements, one should design, analyse the automation scripts and many other responsibilities are defined so that the organisation can meet the demands of the business needs quickly and effectively.

This course thus gained lot of demand in training market especially for it professionals who have many certifications like foundation in Devops, test engineering, agile process manger, Devops leader etc are provided by the company to be a Devops expert in a professional way. In near future, market is expecting role of Devops expert to gain the control over the end user directly without any intermediaries.

Eligibility criteria for learning this course:

Devops is implemented in many of the world’s top companies. DevOps professionals have lots of demand on the market based on the salaries paid compared to other technologies

  • students knowing the basics of Linux & Networking
  • Software Developers can move into devops
  • Technical Project Managers with experience can learn devops
  • Architects of projects
  • Any software developers ,system admins
  • Operations Support candidates
  • Deployment engineers
  • IT or development managers


  • Knowledge in software development
  • Basics of UNIX, Linux
  • Deep knowledge in java
  • Knowledge in project development ,system integration
  • knowledge in testing and fixing bugs

Learning outcomes:

The learning outcomes as result of this course are

  • Basics to deep knowledge of DevOps
  • One can work on Projects on their own
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible are learned
  • How to prepare infrastructure and gathering requirements for cloud platform
  • Automation is learnt using Shell Script
  • Linux concepts are learned
  • Networking

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