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Hadoop is an open source software framework for storing data and running applications on cluster of hardware.

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Overview of bigdata Hadoop:

Retors introduces most used software for bigdata that is Hadoop. This course helps to learn dealing with interactions with bigdata. Hadoop is an open source software framework for storing data and running applications on cluster of hardware. It provides massive storage of any kind of data and allows huge processing power and many virtual tasks are performed. The bigdata technologies which are used to support predictive analysis, machine learning applications. Hadoop can process data of any type whether it may be structured or unstructured data. It helps end users in collecting, processing and analysing data compared to dataware houses. Hadoop is called data management platform for bigdata designed to provide rapid data access the nodes in a cluster.

Three Hadoop vendors were founded cloudeera in 2008, map r a year later and Horton works in 2011. The components of Hadoop are HDFS called Hadoop distributed file system which is the primary data storage system used by Hadoop applications that provide high performance access to data in clusters. It enables highly efficient parallel processing in such a way that even the crashed data can be retrieved from cluster hardware this increases the performance in processing of data. The other component is YARN which enabled to support tens of thousands of nodes in a single cluster. The third component is map reduce which is a programming framework and processing engine used to run large scale applications in Hadoop. Last is Hadoop common is a set of utilities that provide underlying capabilities required by Hadoop.

Why Hadoop big data?

According to Forbes, big data and Hadoop are expected to reach 99 billion dollars by 2022. It is primarily used in analytics especially for big data analytics applications. Big data involved in various transactions in which the data may be structured such as internet click stream recording, mobile applications, media, posts, customer mails and sensor data from the internet. Analysing policy pricing, analysing click stream data to better target online ads to web users. Even in health care organisation it is implemented to improve treatments and patient outcomes with Hadoop software. Yarn is implemented to include stream processing and real time analytics like spark and flink. Fraud detection, website personalise and customer experience scoring for real time use cases. Organisations looking to use Hadoop in the cloud including azure HD.

It is implemented in many domains banking, telecommunication, insurance, social media. All big data related companies implement bigdata which gives many advantages like computing power, fault tolerance, flexibility etc. In just a decade Hadoop made its implementation very powerful in a big way specially data analytics which make it real application. Right from analysing sites to fraud detection etc as it is very easy to integrate Hadoop setup into any data architecture.

Big data is one of the accelerating and most prominent fields considering all the technologies available in the market. So to take the benefit of these opportunities you require latest training and best practises. Having just theoretical knowledge doesn’t make you attain a higher position in this field you need to word on various real world big data projects using Hadoop as part of the solution. The demand for this course is rapidly increasing in this real world because of the reasons discussed as above.

Eligibility criteria for Hadoop

The basic eligibility criteria for this course is graduation of their respective field and other criteria are:

  • It is best suited for IT and management and analytic professionals
  • Any graduate discipline can take up this course that is fresher’s too
  • Software developers ,banking, datamining, testing
  • Data ware house professionals
  • Architecture experts.
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts


They are no particular prerequisites for this software to learn but it helps any one who have idea regarding

  • Basics of linux, windows os,
  • Core java, basic knowledge on Hadoop
  • Sql will help a lot in retrieveing data from databases.
  • Basics of big data
  • Knowledge on different operating systems and their commands.

Learning outcomes

It is a comprehensive course which makes you learn many key concepts like

  • One can learn Hadoop testing applications.
  • Master fundamentals of Hadoop and yarn.
  • Writing applications using Hadoop components.
  • You can learn cluster managing, monitoring ,administration and troubleshoot
  • Managing bigdata, how to run applications using Hadoop software

These are the few outcomes that are learnt after the completion of course.

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