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It is one of the tool related to the databases which comprises of many tools to solve the queries of Business Intelligence and data mining databases.

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Overview of MSBI:

Retors Lernen labs introduces latest course which helps in getting solutions for the queries related to business intelligence and data mining which is called Microsoft business intelligence. It is one of the tool related to the databases which comprises of many tools to solve the queries of business intelligence and data mining databases. This tool uses SQL for solving the queries like SQL server analysis services, reporting services and integration services. Business intelligence means transforming raw data into information which helps in making decisions for business analysis purpose.

MSBI consists of tools like SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. SSIS means sql server integration service is the ETL tool from Microsoft. Data ware housing comprises of many databases which contains data extracted data from various locations where the data may require integration with other data extracted from other sources thus creating a platform for data integration. It contains graphical tools, wizards etc. SSAS means sql server analysis service which is the process of converting two dimensional data into multi-dimensional data which has many advantages such as high security , helps in analysing large volumes of data , high availability of data which can read, create ,delete operations are performed and frequent of updates of data are done. SSRS means sql server reporting service supports  web based reports of any type whether it may be traditional or interactive or through applications. Its main features are it retrieves data from different sources which can be accessed on web platforms. It supports two dimensional data as well as multi-dimensional data and generates reports in various forms like tabular form or charts etc.


MSBI is the latest tool which is implemented in many areas like shopping malls, mnc’s which store data in huge amounts and is required for many companies to run many applications on web based services and even is helpful in taking business decisions to expand business in future. The decisions taken which implement business intelligence software is very accurate when compared to the decisions taken in other way. This tool helps in extracting data from many sources and build solutions based on the queries, reports and analysis which are performed as part of business intelligence to find end to end solutions. It is popularly known as self-service tool because it is automated right from data extraction to end to end solutions of any data ware house.

Suppose take an example of a small company of cosmetic company which comprises of various products like lipsticks, eyeliner, etc. where the BI stores data related to each and every product when it is purchased by the customer, how the sales are going on of the related product, how it is meeting the demand of the customer and which brand etc. data is stored in databases which is extracted when required for analysis of a particular products data like the business can see how the sales of individual product is done every month by generating reports which is done by the reporting tool. Finally business finds the way by analysing all the reports of a particular product to increase their sales which in turn gives profits to the company by increasing the performance of the sales department. It is making the jobs of business easy as everything is automated helping them in taking decisions. In the modern of technology many tools are introduced in the market but few are implemented successfully like MSBI as it is combination of many functional tools which helps the companies to meet their business needs easily and effectively.

Eligibility of taking this course:
  • Software Architects, ETL Developers and Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Any graduates having computer background and having knowledge on Microsoft tools.

The prerequisites required for taking up this course are

  • Knowledge on sql and databases
  • Knowledge on writing basic syntax using sql queries
  • Knowledge on extracting data from different sources
  • One should know how to prepare reports, charts etc.
  • Knowledge on MS excel
Learning outcomes:

The learning outcomes by the end of this course are

  • One can learn the architecture of MSBI
  • Students can know about concepts like data modelling, sql tools and their components.
  • One can learn the concepts of SSIS,SSAS,SSRS
  • How to create charts ,prepare reports and dashboards using SSRS
  • How to analyse data using SSAS
  • How to integrate data using SSIS
  • Create charts and Build, reports and dashboards with SSRS
  • Difference between OLAP and OLTP and their features.
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