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The main features of Microstrategy are Data discovery where data is extracted form any type of sources for analysis.

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Over view of MicroStrategy

Retors Lernen labs introduces a powerful reporting tool called MicroStrategy. It is an enterprise data ware house reporting tool which is used for analytics. The data used for analytics can be in raw form or it may retrieved from data bases. It is a business intelligence and OLAP software which allows in making reports for the data analysed from different sources. It is mainly used in the organizations as it easily transforms big data into interactive dash boards which in turn delivers results in the form of insightful charts, graphs and reports. It can connect to any different types of data like big data, web services, social media data, flat files, data bases to extract data for analysing purpose. The data results are highly scalable and reusable. It doesn’t require support of IT as it is very user friendly platform.

The main features of MicroStrategy are Data discovery where data is extracted form any type of sources for analysis. Data mining is the feature where business clients, reporting designers integrate MicroStrategy with data mining and predictive analysis tool to generate reports which can be sent to any device. Mobile platform feature provides instant dash boards and reports in mobiles. Data wrangling feature helps in data modifications and transformations of data which indeed suggest automatic recommendations to the business users. It is easy to use and maintain because it is cloud based software. Real time reports are done like WYG reports.

The architecture of MicroStrategy is Meta data architecture where objects are stored in the form of 4 layers called administration, report, analysis and schema. Administration Dobjects layer gives security, user grouping and monitors the analysis. Report objects creates dash boards, graphs etc using objects.  Analysis objects layer comprises templates, filters, custom groups and other objects which helps in analysing the data as per requirement. Schema objects comprises tables, hierarchies and transformations as objects.

Why MicroStrategy?

 In the latest market many companies who are already implementing many other tools apart from microstrategy are shifting towards this tool for implementation because of its wide range of features as mentioned above. Day by day in the world of technology the services and software developed by MicroStrategy is increasing as per the statistics unveiled by the industry. First it introduced olap interface or server which is an opensource application which is approached for answering analytical queries. Next it introduced web decision support tool which provides advanced multi-dimensional analysis required on the data. It is implemented in mobile applications which are used for the purposes like visualizations of data, reports can be created. Digital transformation apps like retail operations, customer involvements can be managed. It is mainly beneficiary in the organizations because of its powerful platform where all the apps built on single platform can be analysed by any employee in the team which in turn gives lots of flexibility for data blending from different sources. The main benefit of using this software is having scalable memory which gives access to thousand of users. Other important features of this business intelligence vendor are its platform supports dashboards which are interactive to the end users, reports are generated in very high formatted way which is understandable for the clients using this software in any platform. It gives big data solutions for the queries elevated by the clients when necessary thus making this software in high demand in the present market.

Eligibility to learn this course:
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence professionals and experienced Software Architects in an organization who are willing to change their field are suggested
  • Some One who is in Entry-level developers and advanced data professionals eager to build career in Visualization and Analytics
  • Data Specialists ,ETL developers and analytics mangers
  • Software Architects and Business Reporting Professionals are suitable for this field
  • Any fresher from computer science field can learn this course and jpoin as entry level reporter.

There are few prerequisites like

  • Basic Operating System knowledge
  • Knowledge of any other data analytics and reporting tool can help in generating reports easily.
  • Knowledge and experience in sql server
  • Knowledge in micro soft access
Learning outcomes – Microstrategy training:
  • One can learn Microstrategy Installation and its configuration
  • Know about Micro strategy analytics desktop objects and schemas
  • Knowledge gain in Microstrategy analytics and reporting
  • One can learn Microstrategy hierarchy and grouping of objects
  • Microstrategy security filter and performance tuning concepts are learned
  • Understand the concepts of Data warehousing and MicroStrategy architecture
  • Implementation of creation of facts, attributes and schema objects
  • One can learn practically how to integrate social media and analytics data through data wrangling feature.
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