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Pega software mainly is applied in diversified fields like IT and healthcare, banking systems etc which are called consumer companies.

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Retors Lernen Labs provides another technology or software known as pega systems which is implemented in processing offices like BPO’s .In detail it’s a software developed for CRM AND BPM. CRM means customer relationship management which is implemented to manage interaction between company and potential customers. It compiles data abstracted from various channels like email, chat, websites etc. and uses to retain the customers for over a period of time. Types of CRM are strategically, operational, analytical, collaborative, customer data platform which are implemented for better ways to reach the needs of customers.

CRM systems include:
  • Small businesses where data integration is done for emails , jobs, faxes, documents.
  • It is implemented in e-commerce, marketing campaigns over multiple networks.
  • Data ware house technology

Next comes BPM applied in operations where various methods identifying or discover, modelling, analysing, measuring, automate processes. It involves many conditions, gateways, business rules etc. when dealing with process. It has few activities performed like design, monitoring, optimize, re-engineering collaboratively called lifecycle of BPM. It helps in delivering real time information where automated action based on predefined rules is taken and executed.

Why Pega?

Pega software mainly is applied in diversified fields apart from IT as seen above like healthcare, banking systems etc which are called consumer companies which frequently get in to contact or transactions performed with the users. The other main field where pega is applied is BPO’s where it helps in codifying interactions between company and customers. it is applied in automated contact centres which re routes or guides the customers through a series of commands asking to select a certain number of agents which saves time on behalf of employees.

Many websites like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn where public profile, details are presented through internet use Pega for direct interaction with consumers directly based on their actions performed in their account. Many survey data are done using software platforms which gathers internal data through social media and presents the result.

BPM also known as cloud computing component is implemented in IT companies where end products are delivered as services i.e SaaS which additionally saves time and reduces the cost of the company. It reduces the distractions and increases the market value of the companies by automating processes which stream lines business for simplicity and quality. Applying these technologies must be done obeying customer privacy law as personal identifiable information is related. The information gathered must be connected, distributed and organized properly so that users can access the information when required quickly and easily. The customer experience should be consistent and reliable which helps the sectors like call centres for rectifying their failures.

The top most vendors of Pega are salesforce, sap, oracle etc. and its market value has increased by12.5% in 2018 and expected more in near future

Eligibility for taking up this course:
  • The eligibility for this course is defined for fresher’s and experienced candidates working in various fields.
  • Minimum of graduation is required
  • It would be comfortable for freshers if they belong to MBA, finance course.
  • Non it professionals having graduation degree can get certified first and can for BA or pega developers position.

The basic prerequisites for pega are

  • Basic knowledge on CRM and BPM
  • Basic knowledge in finance and human resources
  • One who acquires knowledge on networking,can implement pega easily just by installing software.
Learning outcomes:

The result of training in this course helps in learning many aspects

  • One can learn managing customer relationship with clients of respective company in automotive process.
  • Many applications can be build, deploy used in many different fields like banking, healthcare and finance.
  • Makes easy for marketing campaigns.
  • Business operations can be irrespective of their field working.
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