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Python which is an easy interpreted language in detail it is a simple language which has very understandable syntax written.

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 Python Training – Overview:

Retors introduces an easy, user friendly language that is python. In this course we introduce python which is an easy interpreted language in detail python is a simple language which has very understandable syntax written. It is very portable, flexible and object oriented. The main feature of this language it has code readability feature where code can be read by interpreter. It is highly portable as python interpreters can be run on any operating systems. It is very user friendly language compared to more used language that is java. It supports the concept of oops means it helps in solving complex problems by dividing it into smaller objects. It is very user friendly because one need not write any code just you can import data from the standard libraries of python. Python’s source code is editable means anyone can distributes software and can rewrite.

It is said to be very user friendly because no need to write any variable type. After installing its interpreter it is automatically stored in directory. There are three modes to start python immediate mode where we get output immediately after entering the expressions as input. To execute data written in a file we use script mode which can be saved for future use. The last mode is used for file development is called integrated development environment which is very useful for the programmers in syntax highlighting, coding, checking. In this course you can learn about python data types, variables, operations, object and class, flow types and many other things easily which helps you in implementing this language even your systems immediately.

What is python used for?

As discussed python is an easy, flexible and user friendly language which is preferred by all programmers for developing codes. It is used for developing graphical user interface applications, websites and web based applications. Many businesses are using python for developing in many applications with less code and more functionality. It is used by the system analysts for program development as it gives access to the source code.

Many web based, graphic designing, scientific, computerised applications are based on the language python. It has been used to make 2d image software like inkscape. It used to design 3d animations like blenders, 3dmax even in 4d cinemas python is used for its flexibility. Lightwave, maya are other examples of python. 3d modelling software freecad and abacus are programmed in python because it gives more functionality with less coding. These days kids playing a lot using mobiles and video games where python plays a key role in designing them. Examples of web frame works which implemented python are cherry py, bottle, flask etc. which simplifies task like interaction with databases and easy to manage the content.

Eligibility criteria for learning this course:

The basic eligibility criteria required to learn this course right from fresher’s to experienced candidates.

  • Software engineer fresher/experienced
  • Experienced system analyst
  • Programming manager having experience in writing codes
  • Graduation completed students with computer science as background
  • Masters in computer application candidates.

There are few prerequisites to be known for any candidate entry level to experienced person.

  • One should know the concepts of oops
  • c,c++, java, matlab languages must be known
  • Idea on scripting languages like Perl, Unix, Linux shells
  • Basic idea on testing and debugging
  • Basic idea on writing syntax or commands
Learning outcomes:
  • You can learn designing oops with python
  • One can learn writing loops, functions etc.
  • Can know how to identify python objects and its types
  • You can understand designing and programming python.
  • Learn how to use standard libraries, dictionaries
  • Writing and reading files in python
  • Exception handling is learnt
The most popular search engine that is google is also based on python:

Even the most watching YouTube in our desktops or mobile is also designed in python. Few languages that are designs using python are apple’s swift, coffee script, cobra are also user friendly as its syntax is similar to python. These applications ,languages, many search engines daily used applications or products are designed based on this language .it is preferred by many software companies designing 3d and 4d games which is very intractable yet codes written are less . Even in back end phase of artificial intelligence algorithm uses python for simplification. Thus python course became very fame right from IT professionals to non it professionals like householders and others.

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