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One of the most useful tool used in the market and also an upcoming tool is selenium suite used for automation testing in browsers by many users or organizations.

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Overview of selenium:

Retors Lernen labs latest course in the market which is termed as a powerful tool used in web based applications for test automation. Many software applications that are processed in many number in organizations require the major step called testing. This testing must be done in projects particularly very frequently in each phase where the errors rectified by the team immediately in the current phase instead of waiting for the entire project to be executed. It is in high demand particularly in big organizations where test automation is efficient compared to manual testing. In simple terms selenium is a web driver tool which runs testing on applications automatically in any browser like fire fox, chrome, safari and others. Selenium suite is a combination of tools like selenium web driver, selenium IDE, selenium RC

Selenium web driver is classified into 4 parts they are json wire protocol means tests are performed on java scripts, web driver server where request is sent to the server to run the driver. It supports latest versions of browsers. Browser is a place where the applications are executed depending on the scripts are written. Last one is language binding where languages like java and selenium scripts are written for the testing process. It is an open source tool which is highly portable and efficient for test automation. Selenium IDE is a very good user interface for playback and recording options but it is not helpful for test automation of applications. It supports only fire fox. Selenium RC is another tool of selenium suite which is very helpful to execute multiple scripts on multiple browsers using many languages like java, ruby, perl, python etc. it doesn’t support android applications. It doesn’t have any record and run. Selenium grid helps in running multiple tests across multiple browsers and systems with accurate result.

Why selenium?

One of the most useful tool used in the market and also an upcoming tool is selenium suite used for automation testing in browsers by many users or organizations. Compared to manual testing this tool has many advantages like it is fast , gives accurate results and also it doesn’t require any tough coding or programming for automation. It is widely spread and used in many companies because it supports and supports the process in any platform other than IDE as it used for record and playback purpose. Depending on the task of a project and their end result the component of the selenium tool or its component is used by the tester.

Selenium IDE has become very popular as it is very easy for the beginners stage to perform automation. It can use any language known by the users. By using selenium in the companies the time taken for continuous testing done manually in browsers is saved a lot by performing automation test which is repeated by giving accurate results. It is in high demand in agile team’s web for creating graphical user interface. It has a wide user base so it helps easily for multiple applications can be automated parallelly. Automation in near future has lot of market as world is interested in saving money as well as time so many companies are undergoing test automation for this purpose. Jobs related to this tool is in high demand compared to other tools so already existing and experienced IT professionals are looking forward for this tool in their working projects as it easily integrated with other tools they are presently working. It has many other advantages like parallel testing, no GUI systems are required, easily coded in there known language may be in java, perl, python etc.

Eligibility to take up this course:

As this is a phase of projects running in an organization or companies the eligibility criteria differs from other tools because testing is not done by entry level candidates they should have minimum experience in projects first so the eligibility for automation test in organizations who are

  • Automation testers
  • QA engineers
  • System analysts, administrators and software developers are preferred more than freshers entering into the field.

Following are the prerequisites for selenium

  • Basic knowledge in languages like java , c are required
  • Basic knowledge in manual QA process
  • Idea on testing
  • Knowledge on browsers and their protocols to run testing applications
Learning outcomes:

After completion of this course one can learn

  • What is object modelling and page modelling and their differences as well as advantages
  • Components of selenium as discussed above like selenium RC, selenium grid and selenium drivers.
  • One can gain knowledge on webpage and their controls
  • Test cases
  • Knowledge on testing like functional testing and regression testing
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