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Tableau is helpful for any individual because it doesn’t require any technical skills to be implemented by them.

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Overview of Tableau:

Retors Lernen labs provides an excellent tool for the focused IT or non IT professionals who seek an updated versions for their projects or database.

Our institute provides excellent training with expert trainers which helped many trainees to grab excellent opportunities in business intelligence etc. Retors offers an easiest and flexible path of learning with well-trained experts who guide you and helps in counselling as well 24/7.In latest world of IT we are applying many tools in our projects and the most used or applied tool or application is TABLEAU. First let us know what the word tableau is and where it is applied. It is a data visualization tool created by tableau software which is used for transferring data into dashboards and helps in creating interaction between data sources. It is mainly used in creating interactive and easily understanding data analytics which also connects to data ware house directly. In tableau architecture there are 6 modules of tableau which are explained in detail in our online training classes just for a glance is given

Tableau desktop:

  • It is an application that runs very fast in analysing data which in result provides excellent graphs, dashboards or reports
  • These result executed from your desktop are highly interactive.
  • Quickly installed in your systems.
Tableau server:
  • Even in our offices it is helpful for creating dashboards ,reports and tables in thousands (minutes)
  • It is very user friendly which doesn’t require any interference of software once after data is embedded
Tableau public:
  • Any user who wants their data to be proclaimed or shared can use this application because it doesn’t require any backend procedure to follow
Tableau mobile:
  • These days’ users are highly interactive with their mobiles than desktops which saves time of professionals who create or execute their work on mobile just by installing simple software.

Tableau reader:

  • It is created by tableau desktop which is also user friendly means it gives access for reading and interacting the data

Tableau online:

  • It is the host of tableau server and is cloud based one which helps users to share their created graphs or table with anyone as fast as possible.

Why tableau?

In latest world of technology many fields like government offices, educational institutions, and individual users other than IT offices are maintaining data in databases which requires interaction merging embedding of data using web services which is helped a lot by the tool TABLEAU. It is helpful for any individual because it doesn’t require any technical skills to be implemented by them. Easy in learning, implementing and time saving tool. Even small-scale industries are starting implementing this tool which helps them in comparing for profits earned previously.

In tableau the data is expressed in bar and lines, maps, charts, tables etc. it connects and extracts data stored in various places. Simple applications such as excel ,pdf and complex databases  like oracle ,databases in cloud like amazon and google and other data sources can be extracted by tableau. One can build dashboards which is very easy to understand for public can be built by using tableau. Data connectors allows you to connect to any database depending on the version of tableau it may differ. It is a perfect visualization tool used for analysis which is suitable for quick and easy representation of data. It helps in resolving big data issues in big companies with moderate speed. It is very suggestive to implement and to learn as it doesn’t require any coding is free to explore data without knowing the answer that you want.

Eligiblity  for taking up this course:

As mentioned above it is highly demand tool these days which is used by any graduate or IT professional or any individual sitting at home and working on representation or embedding data of office or personal use. In particular few positions mentioned like

  • Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Testing Professionals
  • Business Analysts ,Project Managers
  • Data Visual Analysts Functional Experts
  • Graduates and Professionals
  • Those who are non IT graduates can also learn this tool


  • Following are the prerequisites for the users who seek this tool
  • Basic knowledge of data visualization helps you to analyse data easily
  • Basic knowledge of SQL helps in creating queries based on your requirement
  • Knowledge on excel sheets

These are few fundamentals need to be known before starting which even  non IT professionals will also find easy in learning them so that tableau can be learned in short period of time.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to the Tableau architecture
  • Tableau modules
  • Tableau dashboard
  • Implementing data blending & aggregation
  • Data visualization and real-time analytics
  • Tableau generated fields & special fields
  • Connecting Tableau with R
  • Deploying R scripts on Tableau
  • Data connections for organizing data
  • Tableau graphs, reports, calculations


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