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Overview of workday:

Retors Lernen labs introduces another latest application that is implemented specially in human resources management and financial management. This course makes you learn how a cloud based software runs and applied in midsized companies to big sized companies. Mainly it is applied in two main categories of companies one in human capital and other is finance.

First we learn about the workday financial software which helps an organization to maintain all the data related to finance and their profit or loss comparisons. It makes work related to finance and accounting easy mainly in resolving smaller issues in tally or balancing of annual sheets etc. This software is very flexible as it can be worked in your mobile phones so that we can see the work in desktops or even on roads. It involves management related to procurement, inventory, project, finance, expense so that one can understand working over accounting and finance can analyse the main reason for getting losses or profit compared to previous years.

Other important module of workday is human capital management (HCM). It is a very easy interesting module of all software’s as it involves resource management required for any company. It involves various features like human resourcing which includes searching, recruiting giving training and payment. Talent management involves in identifying experienced talented people in the teams. Payroll system works mainly in paying salaries and compensations for employees leaving the company and many other issues and management like time etc. are being learned in this course.

Why workday Finance?

Many companies like deloitte, Accenture etc who are workday partners are showing better annual results compared to the other companies who haven’t implemented this concept that is workday.

Mainly the companies pillars are finance and resources next comes other categories today by learning workday one can enter finance field where we can understand the budget planned in projects, we can manage and can have control over it. One advantage compared to other tools or trainings is one can work without certified in this field. It boosts productivity and profitability. It’s a time saving concept because it helps in balancing, accounting where every calculation automotive by which the company can reach the milestones and can complete its projects before or on time. Thus most of the workday partners are successful in their projects.

Why workday HCM?

Coming next to Workday human capital management implementation it is applied in almost all the companies some to basic level and few to high level. It is applied in variety aspects of companies like financial management, student etc. This mainly helps in recruiting most talented, experienced candidates who are highly scoped in betterment of the company. Single interface is the main plus point of this helps the companies in monitoring all transactions and processes involved. It involves many modules like payroll, time, expenses, recruiting, workforce and other internal controls which helps in managing employee based on their performances.

Thus workday has gained lots of focus from companies for their powerful administration and awesome results financially.

Eligibility criteria for learning workday:

  • By having minimum of educational qualification of any midsized or big sized employees can move into Workday HCM or Workday Finance.
  • Candidates of any field can learn workday but minimum of graduation degree are preferred in big companies.
  • Experienced finance or accounts group students or employees can easily understand this job profile
  • Employees from banking services
  • Preferably experienced candidates working in workday partner companies can get trained for certification.
  • Entry level students of commerce or finance with zero experience must gain knowledge and experience first then can move into workday partners.


The following are the prerequisites to be known to get certification

  • It is better if they have knowledge of finance and accounting apart from experience.
  • Basic knowledge in sap
  • Experience HR recruitment
  • Basic knowledge in terms like inventory ,procurement etc
  • Basics in transactions company budgets
  • Basic knowledge in reports making.

Learning outcomes:

The outcomes after learning workday are given below

Some of outcomes of workday Finance

  • Fundamentals of financial management
  • Expenses: it involves configuring expense items ,cost controls etc
  • How to approve budget and process of modifications
  • Procurement assessment, paying of salaries for labour
  • Concepts on invoice, payment,purchase order on goods etc
  • Revenue management involving billing and contracts etc.

Some of the outcomes of HCM:

  • Fundamentals of workday
  • Learning staffing models
  • Organizations in workday
  • jobs, positions, compensations, security etc

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